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My agent is the lovely and talented Miriam Kriss, at the Irene Goodman Agency (www.irenegoodman.com).
If you want to pay me money, contact Miriam at miriam@irenegoodman.com. She'll tell you how much.

My Other Favorite Links

The website for my first novel, The Hades Project

The good 'ol boys at Solaris Books

Marco and the gang at Angry Robot Books

My Amazon Pages
Hard Spell
Sympathy for the Devil
Those Who Fight Monsters
Evil Ways
Black Magic Woman
The Hades Project

My YouTube Pages
Hard Spell Book Trailer
Sympathy for the Devil Book Trailer
Those Who Fight Monsters Book Promo 1
Those Who Fight Monsters Book Promo 2
Those Who Fight Monsters Book Promo 3
The Hades Project Book Trailer

C.J. Henderson's page
(creator of Teddy London, chronicler of Carl Kolchak)

Lili Saintcrow's page
(If Dante Valentine doesn't kick your ass, then Jill Kismet sure as hell will)

Rachel Caine's page
(As good a friend as she is a writer, which means she's pretty freakin' awesome)

Jackie Kessler's page
(This lady is pure evil. I just love her)

Jeri Smith-Ready's page
(Terrific writer, and a real babe, besides. What's not to like?)

Elaine Cunningham's page
(check her out!)

Michael Kanaly's page
(goooood writer!)

The Odyssey Writing Workshop
("Ranger School for Writers," and the best genre fiction workshop in the known universe)

Contact author Justin Gustainis
at justingustainis@yahoo.com



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